Big business and the state gettin’ it on as usual…

…this time it’s TSA and the NFL:

Homeland Security Secretary Inspects Super Bowl Site, Says Fans Have ‘Shared Responsibility’ for Security at Game and Across the Country

Friday, February 04, 2011
By Penny Starr

“The idea is simple,” Napolitano said…

No, Janet – YOU are simple. And dangerous, because somebody put you in charge.

…Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, told CNN that millions of dollars were spent to make the stadium secure, including perches for snipers and surveillance cameras to cover every corner of the venue.


Fans both inside the stadium and those watching it outside on big-screen telecasts will be subject to security screenings similar to those at airports.

The NFL, which will pick up half the tab, estimates it cost $10 million to secure the game, according to CNN’s report.

DHS announced in a press release posted on its Web site on Monday that the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign will be rolled out nationally over the coming months “to help America’s businesses, communities and citizens remain vigilant and play an active role in keeping the country safe.”

Napolitano will watch the game at the White House, according to Matt Chandler, the DHS Deputy Press Secretary. Other guests invited to watch the game with President Barack Obama and his family include Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Normally, conventional wisdom says good journalism places the most important details first in a story. See the complete original article here and judge for yourself. Freakin’ corporate media lap-dogs…

Seriously, people – don’t you get it? They’re not going to stop until they are made to stop. If you let the goons fondle your ‘nads so you can watch a bunch of grown men play a ballgame for more money than you’ll make in your lifetime, you’re stupid. And you’re a traitor. And you should apologize to your children for the slavery they will have to endure because of your weakness of mind and will. WTF?

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6 Responses to Big business and the state gettin’ it on as usual…

    • Thanks, Susan. Her story is pretty typical. I’m glad she published it, though. We all need to keep holding TSA accountable for their inconsistencies, stupid policies, failure to abide by their own stupid policies, unprofessionalism in general, etc. Honestly, the only proper way to do this is to abolish the entire illegitimate agency, and, in the meantime, stop consenting to their abuse!

  1. James Babb says:

    Tell us what you really think Michael!

    On point, as usual…

  2. PaulJ says:

    I actually hope they put these scanners at all sporting events. That was the common person will get frustrated. If people cannot understand how bad these scanners are then the people deserve what they get. You can choose to NOT go to a sporting event. It’s a very simple choice. Empty stadiums will send a strong message. There is NO reason you have to go to see a sporting event – I don’t eben care if your son or daughter is playing in their first big league game.

    People say you don’t have to fly either, but that isn’t true. It’s pretty hard to drive to Europe or Asia for business from NYC. Or try driving across the United States, it isn’t a great use or time. If business people stop flying the US economy would be destroyed but so would the individual employees. Much easier to skip a sporting event.

    • I agree, which is why I’m all the more appalled that they’re still lining up to be groped, scoped, etc. – even for a ballgame! I’m afraid that pretty much proves that this is what we can expect to see on the streets everywhere in the very near future unless those of us who recognize the threat to our basic rights and freedom can win everyone else over on the matter. Everyone please continue to help others ‘see the light’ (and don’t follow my example – calling people stupid, traitors, etc. isn’t really the best way to win them over – sometimes I just can’t hold it in, though).

  3. A war zone can incorporate other forms of weapons besides, guns, tanks, troops and missiles.

    Think about it – if you were an invading enemy, or you were a powerful cartel that intended to destroy a country and steal its assets, imagine how easy it would be to legitimize your assault via legislation.

    As with any war, you could use your inside weapon…

    — to cripple a society
    — to terrorize a population
    — to marginalize resistance
    — to plunder a country’s wealth
    — to sabotage a nation’s industry
    — to seize control over media channels
    — to co-opt offices of authority
    — to make worthless a nation’s currency
    — to reduce the quality of food, water and air
    — to corrupt morality of youth and family values
    — to diminish the citizen’s faith in flag and government

    Covertly dressed in $2000 suits and wrapped in the American flag, our so-called ‘leaders’ at every level of the control heiarchy are soldiers, colonels, generals, the enemy within – they’re simply out of uniform.

    A war of stealth is being waged against America; you either don’t notice it, or you mistake it for greed or stupidity.

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