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I know, what’s the point, right? For me, I just want to really, really embarrass the hell out of them with like a zillion signatures in a few weeks. Looks like they’re getting close to a thousand a day so far and the WH just launched this ‘We the People’ thing so a lot of folks haven’t even heard of it yet.

“Last month the White House created an online petition system through which constituents can directly voice any grievances and concerns to the US government.
Any petition that reaches 25,000 signatures (5,000 originally) is promised an official reply. This weekend the first petitions will be closing, and already many have far exceeded the required number of signatures. “


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  1. James Jenkins says:

    As a business owner who had to lay off and shut down a complete division of our company due to the outragous behaviour of the TSA, I have a few words to say. This division was growing and hiring until our workers were threatened by the TSA for traveling with laptop projectors (needed for their job). All our retired scientists working as Consultants to industry which needed them, have quit. They refused to be treated as terrorists to have a job. Every week I get calls and have to turn down work. Sadly the TSA has done what the terrorists could not do, destroy our jobs! PLEASE ABOLISH THE TSA! They are job killers and violators of our rights as a free people.

    As a veteran it turns my stomach to see this form of surrender and loss of dignity for our people happening everyday. I served in the military to prevent things like the TSA and other forms of resurrected NAZI types of government from becoming a reality. Apparently, while we were risking our lives, our cowardly government surrendered!

    • SortingHat says:

      Liberals warned about this back in the Bush Cartel era but were labeled communist and gay bangers so now it’s actually coming into play.

      The US Government ALWAYS does things in a way where the next President in line gets the blame. All the illegal executives Obama has done will get blamed on the next President which I think will be another Rhino.

  2. Gail Evans says:

    Peoples freedoms are being whittled away little by little. Besides the indignity of the searches, the TSA has been caught time and time again stealing from the public that they are “supposed” to be protecting. Get rid of these groping theives. The Israeli’s have a wonderful security. The USA could learn from them.

    • SortingHat says:

      Liberals warned about this back in the Bush Cartel era but were labeled communist and *Bush Haters* so now it’s actually coming into play but the next generation later.

      The US Government ALWAYS does things in a way where the next President in line gets the blame for things the previous President did.

      All the illegal executives Obama has done will likely get blamed on the next President which I think will be another Republican Rhino who isn’t really for Republican ideals which is smaller government.

  3. Susan says:


    This site was down for a while and I am soooo glad to see it back up!

  4. Daniel Anderson says:

    27,000 signatures on a petition to abolish the TSA. How does Washington respond? In the usual manner, of course. We know better than you the masses, we are doing this for your own good, and we will not stop no matter what you think, do, or say! It is our right, it is our DUTY, to throw off this tyranny!

    • Heatblizzard says:

      The Republicans “Let’s Get Along” policy failed. They were suppose to have stuck to their policy of more smaller and sensible government but instead choose to invade Iraq though a lot of Democrats at the time were all for it.

  5. Heatblizzard says:

    The only way to get rid of the TSA is a violent overthrow but it won’t be like the American Revolution. It will be more like the failed French Revolution where you have various groups fighting for control like the Occupy groups that destroy parks and pee on a picture of Jesus while laughing about it.

    Our country has no moral values any more and have pretty much said “Screw you Jesus” so what choice does Jesus have other then leave? We now choose to go our own path and the bible promises that any nation that does that will have bad kings and government.

    The bible has never lied about that. That’s what happened with Germany in the 1930s where due to the hyper inflation they were willing to vote anybody in power that could *fix it* and the rich Jews betrayed the poor Jews which may of the poor Jews either didn’t read the bible or used their own and were far away from God.

    Those that stuck to their moral principals were the ones that lived to tell the tall not that they didn’t escape hardships either.

  6. Heatblizzard says:

    In fact there were even some Nazi’s that turned around by helping Jews get illegal Visas to escape and risked their jobs. Hundreds of thousands of Jews escaped that way.

  7. Randy Lyken says:

    As long as the tsa are around I will not fly! It’s sad that people will still fly and risk getting molested and the worst part is bringing children who have no voice! I hope these kids do not harm other people in the future!

  8. SortingHat says:

    What happened to the once huge Anti TSA movement? Did they all dissolve? Did the aliens modify their memories to forget these petitions? It’s like the Obliverate spell was casted on everyone.

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