Category One and Category Two HDMI Cables

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is a connection system, which is used in most of the digital video and audio devices available in the market today. HDMI products are developed to meet the requirements of high quality digital visual and audio systems. The HDMI specifications are also adopted for an ample range of television, computer and other electronic products. These cables are specially designed for transmitting uncompressed digital video and audio at the same time. They are used for connecting the digital input source to the computer monitors, receivers and digital televisions. These cables are also capable of supporting any PC or TV video format, which ranges from the high definition to standard. Therefore, these cables will help you to replace two analog cables, which are the sound and video.

There are basically two types of HDMI connectors available in the market today. These cables are known as category one and two cables. The category one cables is labeled as standard HDMI cables. These cables are perfect for transmitting 1080i and 720p video HDMI Cable in Australia and audio signals. However, the category two cables are also high speed and are capable of carrying 720p, 1600p and 1080i video and audio signals. The category two cable is guaranteed for performing with a cable length, which is greater than sixteen feet.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a HDMI cable for your device, it is quite imperative to consider the length of the cable, as there is a length limit because of the signal attenuation. If the length or the connection of the cable is not proper, the digital signals will become weak. The manual provided with the HDMI cable will help you to know more about the features as well as the connection aspects of the cable

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