Get Your Freak on This Halloween in Batman and the Joker Costumes

The Dark Knight movie has been heralded as the darkest of all the Batman movies and with the largest 3 day opening in cinema history, its popularity is undeniable.

The Dark Knight leaves Batman to face a nerve-shattering moral dilemma in his brutal confrontation with The Joker which sees the late Heath Ledger play his most terrifying role ever.

The Joker is portrayed by Ledger as a sinister psychopath with a unrelenting passion to inflict pain on others with little explanation or motive… Contrary to earlier Batman movies, The Joker is no longer perceived in an amusing, slightly insane light, but rather as a true monster beyond reason.

Batman played by the charismatic Christian Bale must face his greatest moral dilemma yet in delving into the dark abyss of The Joker’s mind in his quest to save Gotham City.

The Dark Knight’s immense popularity in the box office has created in a new surge in demand for the fantastic costumes joker slot from the movie. Bale’s sculpted physique in his Batman clothes contributed to him being voted the world’s sexiest man so it is understandable that many men, and young boys , would wish to emulate that in their imitation of this character. Ledger’s equally exquisite performance has left fans dazzled by his powerful interpretation of the nihilistic Joker.

Re-enact the turbulent battle between good and evil as The Joker takes over Gotham and Batman battles to free the city.

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