A Bidet Provides A Better Way To Cleanse In the Bathroom

Thirty years ago the sight of or mention of a bidet brought giggles and silly jokes. In Europe and Japan bidets have been used for decades as a personal hygiene aid not only for women, but men as well.

The two most common types of bidets come with either a nozzle or a tap. Nozzles stream water up and taps act like a faucet and pour water. Either kind of bidet is used to rinse the body with warm 토토사이트 water and facilitate cleaning of sensitive areas. What more effective and effortless way could there be for cleaning one’s functional parts after using the water closet?

If you have room in your bathroom for this often misunderstood plumbing fixture, you could make no more personally satisfying and effective a choice than to add one to your plumbing system. The kicker of course is managing to affect a location close enough to the water closet for it to be comfortably convenient. It would be uncomfortable to walk several feet from the water closet to re-establish yourself on a bidet for cleansing purposes.

Because of the inconvenience of relocating from the toilet to the bidet, we now have what is commonly referred to as “bidet toilet seats.” The one I recommend is the Toto “Washlet.” There are several models to choose from that provide various functions in addition to the basic scope of bidet technology. The basic advantage of using a bidet toilet seat is that no additional space is required as it functions primarily as a toilet seat and takes no more room that a conventional toilet seat. The only drawback is an electrical outlet is required nearby to accommodate warming the water that is used as well as the seat itself. Some people find it acceptable to run a cord to an electrical outlet a few feet away and tacking it to the baseboard in lieu of having a new outlet installed. Others have a receptacle already near the water closet and no compromise or additional expense is required.

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