Acne Skin Care Products and Active Ingredients

The acne care products market is flooded with thousands of products promising often undeliverable results. What are the active ingredients necessary for a pimple treatment product to effectively fight acne? How can you find the product that is right for you?

Active Ingredients in Acne Care Products

As with anything that promises to deliver a result you need to know what exactly inside the acne care product will do what it says on the box. For the treatment of pimples the most common and most effective ingredients in pimple care products are

Benzoyl Peroxide, an anti bacterial that eliminates acne causing bacteria.
Beta Hydroxy Acid, which is actually from the bark of a willow tree, penetrates the skin and exfoliates pores and prevents the pores from clogging.
Sulfur and Resorcinol are usually found together in acne treatment products as they remove dead skin cells that clog pores and remove oil from skin.
Be aware that any or all of these ingredients in an acne product can cause redness and peeling, but they are very effective ingredients.

Acne Treatment Product or Skin Care Moisturizer Cream?

Be careful that when you are looking for a pimple treatment product you don’t end up with a moisturizer instead. Moisturizers are designed to smooth and keep the skin wet and radiant looking, you do want a good skin care moisturizer cream as part of your routine. However, an effective acne treatment product may not help improve the look of your skin, initially. The best pimple skin care products are created to treat acne causing bacteria, only after the acne is gone should you try to improve the appearance of the skin. A skin care product that tries to do two things at once is more likely to do nothing well.

Use common sense when purchasing an acne care product, the most expensive product is not necessarily the best. Big name brands are very expensive but not necessarily effective, there are a lot of smaller, natural skin care companies with effective acne treatment products. To have an effective anti acne skin care routine you will need to use more than one product, for example a skin cleanser (for cleaning), an acne treatment product (for treating the bacteria) and a skin care moisturizer cream to smooth and protect the skin. Using these products as part of your anti pimple skin care routine in the morning and evening should produce the most positive results.

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