Motorola Android Tablet PC Review

Motorola’s Android tablet has set a new standard for tablet computing. Motorola’s digital tablet sports a 10-inch screen and runs Google’s Android operating system. In partnership with Verizon, customers of Verizon’s FiOS digital pay-television service can manage their home television entertainment with the tablet. The Motorola tablet offers a number of significant hardware and software features unavailable in any similar device.

The Motorola tablet provides a portable, in-home TV solution to FiOS customers. It enables customers to watch streaming content throughout the house, to watch FiOS videos on the go, and to david hoffmeister ucdm maestro stream content from house DVR to tablet over the home Wi-Fi network. The Motorola Tablet PC is even designed to function as a giant remote control and program guide for a flat-screen television.

The Android operating system which drives the Motorola tablet pc ensures full compatibility for Adobe Flash. Flash underpins 90% of web video. Some manufacturers back an alternative standard, HTML 5, but customers have clamored for Flash support on mobile devices. Since the 2.2 Android Froyo release, Flash has been supported on all compatible mobile hardware.

The Motorola Tablet PC also provides two cameras. One lens operates from the rear of the device and offers both video and still capture. The second camera faces forward, above the tablet display. Such a configuration easily enables video conferencing from the tablet. Video conferencing is seen as a critical next generation service within the mobile device market.

A Verizon Mobile Hotspot feature allows the Motorola tablet to share its wireless data connection. The 3G Mobile Hotspot provides Wi-Fi access for up to four additional Wi-Fi-enabled devices when you are within the Verizon Wireless Broadband Services Rate and Coverage Area.

The tablet pc market is the latest battleground in a mobile device war which has set device makers, Microsoft, Google, and Research in Motion against Apple. IMS Research forecasts 102 million tablets will ship worldwide in 2015, with one-third 3G enabled. Roughly 40% will be deployed by ISPs.

Motorola’s 10-inch tablet display is the largest in its class. Display size differentiates a tablet from a smartphone. Tablets can serve as a full-sized paper replacement. They preserve formatting and also display images, diagrams, charts, and videos. Tablets have even been touted as saviors of the print magazine industry.

Tight integration with TV is a significant competitive advantage for Motorola against other tablets from rival Android developers, and against Apple’s iPad. Android tablet devices have been in the works from a myriad of manufacturers including Samsung, LG, and HTC. Even Best Buy has thrown their hat into the tablet ring.

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