Rachel Ray’s Flat Belly Diet Review – Does the Flat Belly Diet Work?

A lot of media frenzy has surrounded the Rachel Ray flat belly diet. Everyone who has heard the claims on Rachel’s show is eager to find the truth about the claims of what this diet can achieve. After all who does not want to get rid of that belly flat without slaving away at the treadmill, and without all the sweat.

The question that we all want answered is, does the flat belly diet work? Well, there are two sides to the story, the claims and the experiences of the dieters. This flat belly regime has one basic principle. It includes MUFAs, or mono unsaturated fatty acids, which can be found in five types of foods, i.e. nuts, dark chocolate avocados, olive oil and canola oil. These are good fats that dissolve easily and do not contain bad cholesterol. The Rachel Ray flat belly regime requires that the food intake per day be divided into four meals of 400 calories per meal, where including MUFAs is a must.

A lot of people have reported to have okinawa flat belly tonic successfully reduced belly flab with the help of this diet.

Let us look at the plausible reasons as we go for a quick review.

o First of all when other cooking mediums are replaced with olive, canola or such oils it is obvious that these unsaturated oils will help reduce fat intake. So as you reduce fat intake, your body will burn its fat reserves and help cut flab.

o Secondly, it limits your daily calorific intake to around 1600 calories per day. Most people consume around 2,250 to 2,500 calories per day, so naturally when your daily calorific intake is reduced your body will gradually burn away existing fat.

o Finally when seriously followed, will cause you to keep a vigil on your intake of fattening food products, and when you are careful you will consume fewer calories.

Most dieters have gained from this diet, but surely it would be advisable to consult an expert dietician and nutritionist to find out what suits you best. So if it does attract you, go well armed with expert advice to burn the belly flat away.

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