Everything You Need to Know About Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (also known as IBS) is very common. It is a problem that affects the intestines. It may either manifest itself in causing the food to move slowly or quickly through the intestines to the emptying.

Irritable bowel syndrome not so common with people who are below 20 years of age. Statistics also show that women are more affected by this problem than men.

There are people who report severe complications particularly when they have had stressful conditions like traveling, multiple  quietum plus tasks, after a big meal, after eating certain meals, etc.

Women may be likely to suffer complications as a result of this problem particularly when they are having their menstrual periods.

IBS can be treated however. It is recommended that you also try to prevent the problem occurring by eating healthy and shunning those foods that will make you have the mentioned symptoms. Stress is also a major cause of IBS and hence you should try to avoid stress.

Another recommended way of soothing irritable bowels is to eat foods that are rich in fiber. There are both soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fiber can be found in beans, apples, citrus fruits, etc and it will help significantly in addressing the problem of constipation. Insoluble fiber will be helpful in adding bulk to the stool. You can get the insoluble fiber from wheat bran and whole grain breads.

If you have a problem with gas, you may be want to avoid such foods that will worsen the condition. It will be required of you to check yourself and get to know what you are allergic to.

A final long-term solution also involves regular suplements to clean your digestive tract. High quality colon cleansers are recommended for optimum health and digestion. The New York Colon Review Board offers expert guidance and clinically researched colon cleaning product reviews.

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