Orthognathic Surgery – Hide Your Gummy Smile

If you have all your teeth now, please take good care of them while you have them. I always took good care of my teeth. When in the US Army I always had a toothbrush ready in my top left pocket when in the field. People did take notice but nothing was said. What I’m saying is I took good care of my teeth. Over the years teeth had to be removed and I got my share of fillings and root canals. They lasted 76 years and then they started to break. I would find something rolling around in my mouth and upon investigation it would be a tooth. Finally all had to be removed.

The condition of the gums after mass extraction is a tenderness and soreness I will never forget. One of the just cbd vape juice review immediate solutions one must solve is what are you going to eat. The dentist told me I have to eat soft food for a few days. Well, it is more then a few days one will have to eat soft food, if one can get it past the gums. For two or three days I could eat vary little. During that time I started to think of what food I could possibly eat. So I think a way to soft food should be available.

Here is my way: Mashed potatoes are easy to make, most other vegetables are not so easily mashed. What can be done with the other vegetables? Here is my solution: I made pudding like cbd lotion recipe dishes and ate them out of a pudding dish with a fancy spoon to put some style into it. I put whatever dish I wanted in a blender and made a pudding like consistency of it by adding water, gravy, or sauce to get the plumpness I wanted. Just about anything can be consumed this way, even steak.

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