Other Things That You Can Do to Help Protect Your Identity

There are a lot of articles online that tells you what you should do in order to protect yourself from identity theft. This is another of those articles. It cannot be helped. People should always be reminded of the things that they should do to protect themselves from identity theft. Time and again, they need to be reminded over and over again.

Here are other things that you can do to help protect yourself from identity theft.

Some states and cities organizes identity theft forums that not only discusses what identity theft is, they also explore possible solutions to these criminal acts. The dynamics of identity theft are brought closer to the people and they are lectured as well with various preventive measures that can be undertaken to decrease the risk of being a victim of identity theft. New methods employed by identity thieves are examined to create more viable plans of protecting each individual, agency, company or business against identity theft Download Aadhar Card.

All your credit cards should be signed as “CheckID.” This is another measure that you can do to protect your credit card from unauthorized usage, if in case, it gets lost or stolen. This “CheckID” phrase at the back of the card will prompt the cashier or store clerk to ask for other identifying cards and compare it (and the signature too) with the one in the credit card. This would prevent criminals from making any purchase using your credit card unless it is done online or in any other establishments where purchases are automatically completed.

Whenever you make transactions using your ATM cards-withdrawing money from ATM machines or making purchases in varied stores-you need to protect the visibility of your PIN number. Cover it with your hand when you punch them it or if you don’t want to be too obvious, just be discreet whenever you key them into the machine. On the other hand, am sure people will not mind if you protect your PIN number, everyone does that.

Files that are sent to your email should not be immediately opened unless you know the person who sent it, and that you are actually expecting it (if it’s from someone that you do know). If you receive an email that contains hyperlinks or is asking you to download certain programs, then do so with care especially if they are from people that you do not know. Clicking on the link or downloading the file may embed a program into your computer that works in the background as it records your personal information and sends it to its “home base.” These files are typically called viruses, trojans or spyware. It is also advised to install antivirus and antispyware programs into your computer to keep yourself protected.

When you are registering at a particular site, do not use your social security card as your ID number or password. This is very sensitive information that always needs to be handled properly. Your social security card should be left at home and kept in a place where no one else may find it.

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