Seafood in Pichau, Philippines

cupom de desconto pichau

If you are fond of Mediterranean cuisines like Greek or Turkish ones, then you should try Cupom de Despoto Pichau. This restaurant is located at Alameda in Santacruzan, Mexico. It offers Mediterranean cuisines that are made with fresh ingredients and are prepared by traditional chefs. If you are a fan of seafood delectable seafood foods, then this place is for you.

There are some delicious delicacies on offer in the Seafood Restaurant at Cupom de Despoto Pichau. You can try the Seafoodballs, Salmon fillets, Tuna steamed with lemon or lime juice, Tuna salad, Crab meat balls etc. at this exclusive restaurant. The Crab meat balls are made of crab meat marinated with garlic, lemon juice, vinegar, and Cilantro. These delectable seafood treats are a real treat to taste. They are prepared by two chefs and come out absolutely delicious cupom de desconto pichau!

Try to have their Salmon stew which is very sumptuous. You will love the combination of rich taste of cream, lemon juice and vinegar. The tangy taste of the salmon makes your mouth watering. The dishes are made from fresh ingredients so that they are more nutritious than the ones you get at your local chain stores.

Don’t be surprised to find sea food in your local store. However, it may not be as healthy as what you get in your local restaurant. This is because most of these seafood products are shipped from far away places. You should always opt for the fresh seafood from the same location. Try to make your selection from the seafood department because you will always get quality fishes.

If you like fish steamed in soy sauce, then you should definitely go for the Soy Crab. This dish is prepared with tender steamed white fish marinated in soy sauce and flavored with ginger and garlic. The taste is very sweet and goes well with steamed vegetables and steamed rice. Your family will surely be surprised to find out that it’s made using real crab meat! The authentic Soy Crab can easily cost over 300y.

Next on the list is the Braised Tuna. It is a spicy and tasty dish that is prepared using boneless, skinless tanned tuna marinated in vinegar, lemon juice, sesame oil and garnished with Chinese five-spice powder. You will not believe how tasty this dish is!

If you love seafood soup dumplings, you should try the Braised Plantains. It is made using flour, corn meal, egg, and coconut milk. The dough is first made by blending together the corn meal and tapioca starch. Once blended, the dough is rolled out and cut into chunks. It should take about an hour to prepare.

To finish, one must not forget to try some of the delectable desserts. Chocolate Fish in Bamboo Shavings is a very good dessert while the Chocolate Almond cake is scrumptious. To spice things up, the Chocolate Mint ice cream is an excellent choice. The ice cream is frozen and then mixed with mint leaves for that delightful mint flavor.

A typical Sunday brunch in Pichau is complete with signature Bauhaus dessert, ‘Biencil’ (fish fillets). It is made using tenderloin, grilled prawns, eggplant, crab meat, tomatoes, basil and lemon juice. The preparation is done on a bamboo mat and served with red cabbage salad and pickled cucumber. It costs $12 and can be ordered online.

Try the seafood gumbo, which is a dish prepared using shrimp, mussels, clams, musky beans, scallops, oysters, white fish, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and lemon juice. A seafood spread which incorporates shrimp, oysters, scallops, lobster, clams, musky beans, scallops, musky, oysters, carrots, corn, peas, potato and garlic is also very popular. There are various versions of this dish in Pichau. One has to try them all. It is best to order these dishes in a seafood restaurant.

If you are looking for more traditional Filipino dishes, you will not be disappointed either. Try the pork stew called Pinayta which is made with porcini mushrooms, onion, garlic, corn, eggs and tomatoes. The ingredients are seasoned well and simmered to create a clear soup. Another de la is Jolli, a thick stew of coconut milk and potatoes cooked in a coconut shell. This is served with grilled leis.

Other than seafood, there are other Filipino delights in Pichau. These include sweet cakes, sweet potato fries and samba. Sambars are circular pans that are filled with sugar and various flavors of ice cream. You can also find ice creams, sorbets, and jellies in various flavors.

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