Garden Hose Fittings Bring Your Watering Solution Together

When you think about gardening, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Watering your garden? Weeding out unwanted vegetation? Attending to the every need of your beloved roses or fruit trees? Or just enjoying the sights, smells and feelings of complete relaxation coursing through your body after a long day at the office?

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Guess what – none of that is going to happen without garden hose fittings! As much as I regret to, I have be honest with you. Before a garden can be enjoyed, it must be created and cared for, and this requires water. Which you could carry around in a pail, doling out big, sloppy sloshes here and there, where ever you see a dry spot. But that isn’t too practical, and no fun at all. No, you need a garden hose for watering duties to be meaningful in any way. But more than that, you need some extra equipment to even make that hose work for you. First of all, you need to be able to connect the hose to the faucet, for which you need some sort of garden hose adapter that can be clamped tightly to the hose at one end, and screwed onto the thread of the faucet at its other end handmade weed pipes. By the way, water pipes – including garden hoses – usually have diameters ranging from 1/2 inch, over 3/4 to 1 inch. These are standard measures, which can be interconnected with special hose fittings.

But you still only have the garden hose pouring water onto the ground. How about some more control? Two basic ways to get that. One is to attach a spray gun to the hose. This is like a combination of an adjustable nozzle giving you anything between a sharp, narrow beam of water and a wide spray of tiny droplets – and having the faucet where you need it, in your hand. No more running back and forth to turn of the water at its source, when you are done watering a specific area in your garden, and don’t want to waste the precious drops where they are not needed. Now you just activate the spray gun for as long as you want to, and when you are done in one place, you just release the lever and drag the hose to the next spot. Saves you a lot on water, which will only become more expensive in the future. If this sounds like it is more work than you like to do, then consider investing in a garden sprinkler. These simple devices are like set-and-forget sprayers. Just set them up where you want to spread some water around, adjust them for correct direction and spray pattern and turn the water on. You can adjust the range of the sprinkler by adjusting the water pressure from the faucet. Now leave the sprinkler to do its thing for as long as you deem it necessary.

Sprayers and sprinklers have one thing in common – they need to be connected to your garden hose using the correct garden hose fittings. These are normally of the so-called quick connect type, which are semi-permanently attached to the hose, but can be easily connected and disconnected to various accessories, by means of a spring-loaded mechanism. You will have to make a choice whether you want brass garden hose fittings, stainless steel or the plastic variety, as these are the most common materials, fittings are made of. Mostly a matter of taste, except that metal will probably be the choice of professionals – for longer life.

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