Functions of a Plastic Container

Plastic container manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes. The shape of the container is usually dictated by the end use for it. There are a number of different types of plastic container, which are used widely across various sectors of industries mua thung nhua. These include:

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  • Corrugated Plastic Containers – these plastic containers come in corrugated shapes and are usually used for corrugated paperboard packaging and for storing food (though it is possible to find unheated plastic bags and boxes). The main advantage of using these plastic containers is that they do not need any type of special sealing material and do not degrade with heat. Plastic Coroplast packaging does well in the environment as it does not degrade with heat and does not degrade with chemicals like chlorine, BPA and phthalates. It also lasts longer than most wood alternatives.
  • Glass Containers – these plastic containers come in two forms, the oblong shape and the cylindrical shape. Glass containers come in clear and colour changing varieties. The main advantage of using glass containers is that they have a high reflectivity index and a high temperature resistance (this means that they do well when storing food). It also makes it easier to see through the plastic container, though at the same time it has a low thermal conductivity rate, thus limiting the chances of melting plastic foodstuff stored in it.
  • PET Bottle/ Container – these are generally used to store food as they do not degrade with heat and do not degrade with chemicals like chlorine, BPA and phthalates. PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate, a compound used in making plastic bottles, but the compound itself is harmful once introduced to water. Therefore it is better to use glass or stainless steel for storing food.
  • Tumblers/ Cups – these containers come in two types, the open top and the closed top. In a nutshell, the open top plastic container is more preferred by some people, especially those who are allergic to chemicals and do not want to consume any chemical-infused foodstuffs. On the other hand, the closed top containers (like the ones used for wine) are preferred by people who wish to keep food fresh and avoid getting chemicals into their system. Tumblers/ Cups are used in place of plastic containers, however, some foodstuffs tend to stick to tumblers or cups, thus serving their purpose better.
  • Containers – there are various kinds of plastic containers available in the market. These include paperboard, cardboard and corrugated plastic, which are also used to pack food. A plastic container’s colour can be either dull or glossy, depending on its usage and the way it has been made. Some plastic containers look very attractive as well. They can be manufactured in many shapes including cylinders, triangle, figure-eights, box-shaped, etc. Furthermore, some plastic containers can be custom made as per the requirements of different foodstuffs.

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