What to Look For in a Good Wine Importer

Choosing a good wine importer is important, if you want to enjoy quality wine at a fair price. If you are looking to import wine, then you need to be aware of certain things first before making any kind of decision. There are many things that will help you choose a good importer. First and foremost, you need to find out the basics of wine transport, handling and storage of wine. By knowing about these, you’ll avoid making common mistakes such as handling wines in a dusty or moist environment and also avoid the possibility of your wine being incorrectly labeled. You’ll also know which kinds of climate and soil are best for growing your grapes, so you can be sure to choose a wine that fits your budget as well as your taste.

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Once you have learned about wine handling, read up on your importer’s services. This should include how they handle wine shipments, and the kinds of equipment they use to pack and store it. You should also find out the costs involved. Some importers offer their wine at discounted prices if you buy online. Be sure to find out what all of these costs entail Wine Importer.

It’s important to check into how your importer manages the wines. Some simply put them in a warehouse, and ship them anywhere. Others are expert in the field and have their own dedicated wine cellar. In either case, they should be able to provide you with a detailed listing of the wines they have available. Ask about the different types of wine that are available, and see if they have a good selection for you. If there are special varieties, these should be noted.

Read up on the history of the brand of wine your importer offers. Find out what happened when the brand was created, and what people thought of it at the time. This will give you an idea of how the wine will taste once it has been bottled and shipped. If the company doesn’t have any information available or doesn’t have a lot of it, move on. There aren’t many quality importers that don’t provide this information. Just because they aren’t large established companies, doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with the best tasting and most reliable wine.

The way a wine is packaged can have a big impact on its flavor. When you pick up a bottle from a supermarket, you can’t really tell whether or not it was properly stored. Wine importers, by contrast, use state of the art equipment to carefully pack each bottle. They know the exact amount of water and other factors that must be in place to keep each bottle in prime condition.

You should also look for a wine importer that has a reputation for great service. If they don’t answer their phones or return phone calls in a timely manner, don’t deal with them. You shouldn’t have to deal with such low-level companies any longer. The customer service you receive should be impeccable.

A good importer will provide you with a wine list that’s as impressive as it is comprehensive. You need to know about the vineyards in which each bottle is produced. You need to know the variety of grapes used and the barrels where those grapes are stored before you buy. You should be able to determine the region where the wine was made. If you can’t do that, move on to another importer.

Ask about the variety of selections they have available. You want to be sure you’re getting the widest range of wine possible. Ask about the growing and aging process as well. That helps to assure you’ll always have a bottle of wine to offer. If an importer isn’t able to answer your questions or aren’t willing to discuss important information with you, don’t do business with them. You’re better off finding a new importer that’s willing to address your concerns.

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