Is The European Union Going To Collapse After Brexit?

The British have voted to leave the European Union – good for them many say, and yet, others wonder what the economic fallout from such a vote might actually be. We’ve heard doom and gloom from the global media of just how bad this will be for Britain, but the real question should be; just how bad will this be for the European Union? Sure Britain will have a little problem temporarily, but in the end it will be better for Britain. For the EU however, it will surely look weak, and not nearly the unbreakable union it promoted itself as. Others will follow, and the Eurozone will eventually collapse and begin again.

Analyzing the Economic Impacts of Brexit for the UK | Centre for Strategic  and Contemporary Research

There is talk that France may also float a referendum of its own to leave, if so, it’s over. Italy is also looking to get out. The entire Eurozone make just designate completely. The EU is not in good shape at all, too much regulation, too much bureaucracy and a poor record of success or lack thereof. After the 2008 recession and the PIIGS of Europe in their financial chaos, most economic experts agreed that the EU has failed and is a slow-motion train wreck brexit millionaire reviews.

Without the European Political Union will the chance of war in Europe become a real concern? No, NATO is still very much alive as a buffer against Russian advances. Will intelligence sharing cause challenges for Britain to keep its people safe? No, Britain has spycraft fully under control, think James Bond, MI6 is top notched. The EU needs British intelligence more than Britain needs their counterparts. Will economic chaos engulf Britain? No, there will be short term drop in the pound, and stock market as panic sellers sell, but that will be short lived.

Will Britain be hurt in its exports to the EU? No, Britain actually imports more from the EU than it exports, so it may actually be in a better position. The British People just want to make Britain great again and not be beholden to the socialist blog of bureaucracy that has become the essence of the European Union. The British People have done the right thing and for the right reasons, their decision is in their best interests long-term.

So, back to the question; Is The European Union Going To Collapse After Brexit? YES! But it is going to collapse anyway, and it is well on its way. The collapse may come a little sooner, or the EU might use this opportunity to get their act together and stop acting in the manner it is accustom – the European Union caused this, it’s their own fault.

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