Changing Fashion Trends With Leather Products

Leather goods are the most popular choice of travelers due to its durability and comfort. They make great gifts as well. In today’s world, there is an increasing demand for leather goods in the market. Global market players constantly introduce new and trendy leather goods based on the ever-changing demand of customers. In addition, compact and stylish leather goods available by global market players offer greater convenience and comfort to consumers while travelling.


With a growing demand for leather goods worldwide, companies providing leather products have to expand their business operations to meet the demands of the customers. It is therefore, important to know the various techniques used for tanning hides and how they affect the quality of the leather goods. There are two types of leather tanning process, the first using chemicals such as solvents, dyes and alkaline solutions while the second type involves direct exposure of leather to sunlight for brief periods. Both processes result in damage to the animal hide. However, using chemicals for tanning makes leather softer, smoother and more durable day that lung da ca sau.

One of the world’s leading leather goods exporters offers full-grain leather goods that are both long lasting and highly attractive. Some of their products include classic ladies’ wallets such as drawstring wallets, full-grain leather men’s wallets, travel wallets and credit card wallets with water resistance and zippered interior. Pigeon tree crafting uses natural rawhide that comes from Pigeon’s back. Apart from its aesthetic qualities, this natural rawhide has great utility as it has excellent moisture absorption capacity, which ensures protection of leather goods during humid weather.

Other leather goods are made using the quality hide obtained from animals like snake, cow, goat, pony, rabbit, raccoon and moose. These products include belts, high quality leather belts, wallets, belts featuring buckle and snap fastening, chains, shoelaces, and baby carrier. The quality of snake, cow, goat, and horse hides vary greatly. Although goat and horse hide look similar, they are very different when it comes to their construction. Goat and horse hides are usually weathered by exposure to sunlight; while snake and rabbit skins remain untarnished.

Leather goods made from synthetic materials are gaining popularity as they provide an alternative to leather goods that may be damaged by direct exposure to sunlight and water. Products include luggage, shoe bags, slippers, purses, belt buckles, and wristwatches. Changing fashion trends also require leather goods that do not buckle, break or bend. The latest addition to this list is motorcycle luggage. It offers a special leather bag that is designed exclusively for motorcyclists.

While some leather manufacturers only offer top-grain leather, others use other types of leather including nubuck, suede and fleece. Nubuck and suede are the softest of the leathers but can crack if repeatedly subjected to water or stand on end. When the hide is cracked, it cannot be repaired because it will not regain its original shape. Suede is the toughest of all hides and is considered by many to be in the same category as nubuck and suede.

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