Finally! An Oil Free Moisturizer That Works!

Have you read about this recently? I have been seeing products being advertised as oil free moisturizer lotions quite a bit lately. I don’t know who thought that the development of a skin care product which contains no natural oils was a good idea. Plant based oils, waxes, and emollients are necessary for the health of your skin, because they provide you with essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids.

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Some companies are doing this so that they can market their products to the crowd that is looking for allergy free products, which is a wonderful idea. They might have wanted to think about the fact though that far fewer people tend to have allergic reactions to plant based ingredients than they do to chemical agents. You might be wondering exactly where I am going with this?

To some people the thought of an oil free moisturizer may sound appealing, but they probably don’t understand that just because a company has taken a step to remove something from a product does not necessarily make it safe. What good is using a product that contains no oils, if the bulk of what it does contain is potentially harmful chemical agents?

It is a popular practice in the cosmetics industry to replace the healthy, natural ingredients serving as preservative and antibacterial agents with chemicals that can do the job no better, and put you at risk? Dermatologists have blamed the chemical agents in skin care products for causing most of the allergy related cases that they treat each year chebe hair growth.

Many of the chemicals being used in cosmetics products have been proven to cause far more than allergic reactions. Some have been found to cause nervous system damage, organ toxicity, and cancer just to name a few of the ailments from which you may end up suffering. Using an oil free moisturizer is simply not worth it if the product contains ingredients such as these.

Many of these products are not even oil free as they are advertised. Some contain ingredients such as Jojoba oil, which the company will list as Jojoba ester, because most people do not readily recognize what an ester is. You don’t need a product that is free of oils anyhow, because with all of the natural products that are available you can choose to avoid certain ones if you have a known allergy.

Instead of an oil free moisturizer you should look for plant based products that will moisturize your skin, but that will also include natural ingredients that will help your skin in other ways. If I told you there was one such line of products rich in various plant oils that could stimulate the increased production of your collagen and elastin would you be willing to try it?

Put this to the test right away! Then look for the all natural formulas that contain an ingredient known as Functional Keratin. This compound is a duo of proteins which cause the formation of the cells from which collagen and elastin are born. Forget about the idea of oil free moisturizer, and go with a product that is both safe for you to use, and that will affect your skin in ways that you never imagined.

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