Using Online Press Releases for SEO and Link Building

Many online business owners and web marketers still don’t fully understand the value of submitting online press releases as an SEO web marketing strategy. In fact, some of my colleagues don’t think there’s any point. They say that a media release is only good for trying to get a newspaper or magazine’s attention for a major story.

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And yes, that’s the traditional purpose for writing a release. But it has other uses — search engine optimization and quality link-building in particular. When you’re trying to grow a website, a press release is one tool that you might want to keep tucked neatly in your marketing toolbox, right near the front Oliver Wood Perth.

SEO Treatment
Some small- to medium-sized operations do put out press releases but unfortunately they aren’t properly optimized for the web. That’s a waste of money.

You have to do some SEO treatment to the content to ensure that it’s searchable. There’s a very specific way to add your target keyword in a release that will increase its chance of ranking high in search results. You definitely shouldn’t stuff it with keywords, but they do have to be present.

Quality Backlinks
Another benefit of a release is that it can give you a quality link back to your website. Backlinking is one major factor that search engines use to determine how a website will rank. A quality backlink increases your reputation and could result in a higher ranking on search engines almost overnight.

The online press release service you use is important — you can’t use a fly-by-night service because it might not have a strong reputation yet.

Some online press release services syndicate your content, which means they distribute it on other high profile websites. For instance, the service we use syndicates exceptionally-written content to Yahoo! and Google News. If someone finds a release about your business on one of these major websites that looks like a professionally-written article with a link back to your own website, you’re golden.

It Takes Some Time, So Be Patient
So in summary, submitting an online press release isn’t just about trying to get a journalist to pick up your story. In most cases, they won’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable marketing tool.

Also, it’s important to understand that any SEO-related strategy takes time to take off. Sometimes the results come quickly, but it could take four to six months or more to see significant results from a submission.

You plant the seed now and harvest the results later. That’s the point and the beauty of marketing online. It’s a little nerve-wracking, but very exciting. Not to mention cost-effective. Get started on your press release planting mission sooner than later so that you can start reaping some rewards.

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