Post Partum Weight Loss – Getting a Firm Belly

Various studies have linked belly flab to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. This warning is extremely important for new mothers who after pregnancy tend to retain belly fat. One important aspect of post partum weight loss therefore centers on how to lose baby belly fat.

Women usually tend to store fat in their midsection, and this could be particularly troublesome after pregnancy. Here are some techniques to help you trim your belly and reduce dangerous fat:

Post Partum Weight Loss: Move More, Eat Right

Exercise is not reserved for the gym only; activities that you consider more fun and fulfilling could also make you burn extra calories. Home gardening, for example, burns several hundred calories per hour. Swimming is also a great fat-burner, and it also provides opportunities for socialization. Post partum weight loss could also be as simple as making long walks down nature trails, and taking your baby on stroller trips whenever possible.

Cardio exercises will further kick your fat-burning metabolism. Find an activity that you like, stick with it, and see the fat burn away – all you need to do is to stay on track. Add little variations to your routine for more efficient calorie burning, and to fight boredom.

To target belly fat specifically, the American Council on Exercise recommends these exercises: supine bicycle, captain’s chair leg lifts, and vertical leg crunches. Twisting crunches and exercise ball crunches were other good exercises that target abdominal muscles. Do these exercises several times a week to get a firm belly and trim down your waistline.

Also, always watch your food intake. Stay away from sugary carbs that can make you accumulate fat. Eat more of high-protein foods that tend to make you slender. Start a diet plan composed of complex carbs, lean protein sources, and unsaturated fats.

Post Partum Weight Loss: Learn to Relax

Burning fat belly while relaxing is possible with the help of yoga. Stress is known to trigger your body to switch on  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic to fat-accumulation mode, but yoga can prevent this from happening. A lower stress level can therefore give you a flatter stomach and reduce your risk for many diseases.

Many yoga poses also directly tones stomach muscles. The best yoga routines include supine poses and other stances that require the abdominal muscles; you will be able to tell right away if a particular pose targets the stomach area. For faster results, design your own routine using the most effective belly-busting poses.

How to lose baby belly fat is just one step in achieving post partum weight loss. After pregnancy, you will need to combine exercise and proper diet to reclaim your body’s old figure. A little patience is always required, but the results are well worth it.

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