Postpartum Belly – Is This Ingredient Keeping You From a Flat Belly?

You can get rid of your postpartum belly! But, if you are eating this ingredient, all the exercise and dieting in the world might not help to get rid of that belly fat. Keep reading to find out if this ingredient is keeping you from a flat belly!

Could the thing between you and a slim belly be this one single ingredient?

Absolutely! And the worst part is that you might be eating it everyday.

You’ve probably heard of it, you’ve probably seen it mentioned on labels, or ads. The culprit is GLUTEN.

What is gluten? Gluten is a class of proteins that can be found in foods you eat that contain WHEAT.

Now, before you decide you are not gluten sensitive, you should know that there is evidence that suggests we are ALL gluten sensitive (to some degree or another).

There is a connection between weight gain and gluten. If you tire easily, feel foggy at times, experience belly fat and/or weight gain that won’t budge (even in spite of exercise and dieting) and are experiencing headaches, these are just a few signs that you may have a problem with gluten.

Here are more signs that gluten may be causing your stubborn fat:

– headaches
– brain fog
– fatigue
– creeping weight gain
– low sex drive
– daily cardio doesn’t seem to help you lose weight
– sluggishness
– sugar cravings

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms Okinawa Flat belly tonic above, you may want to cut out, or at least cut back, the gluten in your diet.

Even reducing a small amount of gluten in your diet can lead to speedy weight loss! There have been women who have lost 5 pounds in the first 48 hours! And 25 pounds in a month!

Reducing your gluten intake can even lead to brighter moods, fewer sinus problems, increased energy, less acne, thicker hair, and even under eye circles begin to disappear!

Just try cutting back on your gluten for 2 weeks and see what a difference it can make in your waist size and your how you feel all around.

And the best thing about deciding to go “gluten free” is the choices you have open to you. Even your local WallyMart offers a variety of gluten free breads, pastas, and pastries. The key is to look for alternatives to ANYTHING you eat that could contain wheat – breads, pastas, pancakes, waffles, and ESPECIALLY processed foods like cookies, cakes, pretzels, biscuits, pizzas, and rolls. Check to see if your super market offers gluten-free alternatives to these items.

Even more importantly, look for a good list of gluten-free foods. It can be as simple as doing a search on Google or Bing – just type in the words “gluten free foods list”. Fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables are the obvious choices, but there are so many more. Search for a list and start including these in your meals today.

Any decrease in the amount of gluten you ingest on a daily basis can make a HUGE difference in your waist size and your postpartum belly fat.

Think about it – this could be the ingredient that has been keeping you from a flatter tummy!

Combine your gluten-reduced eating with a workout program that is created specifically for moms and postpartum belly fat (like the one below) – and your tummy could start shrinking today!

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