Teen Weight Loss – Taking the Right Road

Obesity is becoming an epidemic not only for adults, but for children and teenagers as well. This is one of the main reasons so many are looking for teen weight loss tips and programs. Recent surveys reported obesity in the United States is on the rise again. In fact, 31 states reported an increase in obesity and no state reported a decline. This survey also shows a steady incline in child and teen obesity.

With these alarming numbers, it is understandable why so many are looking for quick weight loss for teens. However, equally alarming are the numbers of teens looking for weight loss even when they are at an acceptable weight level.  This driving need to lose weight quick for teens is apparent in many online forums. Unfortunately, many teens are misled down the wrong road and approach weight loss in an unsafe and unhealthy way. 

Are You Really Overweight?

If you are looking for teen weight loss tips or programs, first check to see if you are considered overweight. To do this, you need to know your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a number from the results of a calculation that is used as a screening tool for potential weight issues. There are four categories that you would fall into based on your results; underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

The calculation for BMI is the same for adults and children; however the results are interpreted differently for children, using their age, gender and percentile to help determine if there are weight problems or are at risk for weight problems.   You can use the interactive calculator at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This online calculator will show the BMI results as well as the percentile for your age and gender. The link to this calculator is at the end of this article.

Finding the Right Road to Teen Weight Loss

If after determining your BMI you find you are overweight or at risk, then looking for ways to lose weight is the first step. There are many resources available today to help you with your biofit reviews 2021 teen weight loss.  Before you start your weight loss program, make sure you understand what the proper teen calorie intake and nutrient needs are for your age. As a teen, you are still growing and this growing process needs the proper nutrients.

Any weight loss should be approached in a healthy way by looking for ways to improve your eating habits, becoming more active and understanding how to make the right choices to ensure a lasting weight loss. Here are some simple tips for a healthy teen weight loss.

Check the Calorie Content in your Drinks

Regular flavored soda and fruit juices are high in calories and sugars. Studies have shown that by eliminating regular sodas and limiting fruit drinks, a person can lose up to 20 lbs in one year with just this simple change. Switch to diet soda and limit fruit juice to just once a day. Drink more water instead.

Don’t Crash Diet

Crash dieting is another way of saying an extremely low calorie diet. Although these diets may show some quick results, eventually your body will slow down your metabolism to conserve energy. The end result generally leads to gaining the weight back and often even more weight than what you initially lost.

Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast helps fuel your body and boosts your metabolism. Start your day with a whole grain cereal or yogurt. Take a fruit with you to school if you do not have enough time for a full breakfast.

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