Toe Fungus Treatment – Which Solution Is Right For You?

Are you having trouble with at least one of your toes turning a weird color? Are you afraid to even wear sandals in the summer? Is it so bad that you are starting to look for a toe fungus treatment? There are quite a few options to choose from when looking for a toenail fungus treatment. The one treatment for you depends upon the severity of the infection and what kind of medication you seem to be comfortable taking. Here are a few treatments for that awful toenail fungus that may just do the job:

Over the Counter Toenail Fungus Treatment

When you just start noticing the discoloration in your toenail, then you may reach for an over-the-counter medication for your toe fungus treatment. You will find various lacquers, gels and anti-fungal creams either at your local pharmacy or on the Internet. All of them contain different active ingredients so you will just have to experiment to see which one works for you. The main thing to remember is to treat the infection as soon as you see it. You don’t want it to get worse so that Fungus Clear it will be necessary to see a doctor.

All Natural Ingredients

More and more podiatrists and doctors are beginning to recommend some all natural ingredients that are good for fighting foot and nail fungus. One of the all natural treatment on today’s market is ZetaClear. Another example is tea tree oil. Just as with the over-the-counter medications you must treat your toenail fungus as soon as it appears.

Prescription Medications

If your toenail fungus is unresponsive to other treatments, you can see your physician for a prescription medication such as Lamasil. However, you should know that these medications may have some serious side effects. They cannot only be hard on your liver, but you must make sure not to drink any alcohol when taking anti-fungal prescriptions.

In addition to the prescription medication, your physician may give you a topical medication to complete your toe fungus treatment. If the fungus is really severe, your toenail may have to be removed so that the topical medication can be put directly on the affected area.

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