Sites That Require Maximum Security

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a term that explains the various ways of stopping any aggressive vehicular threat posed by a number of sources. Often this protection comes in the way of specially designed barriers, bollards and fences that can withstand the impact of large enemy vehicles, even if they are travelling at speed. This is an area where lots of time, effort and research has gone into studying ways of reducing the impact and causing as little amount of damage as possible to the site in question how to install telescopic bollards.

Certain sites use this form of mitigation to protect buildings and the surrounding infrastructure from damage. As every site is completely unique, the type of vehicle mitigation required will differ quite frequently. Some may need high fencing, whilst other more urban areas may benefit more from the use of bollards to repel the threat of an oncoming vehicle.

There are many such sites that require maximum security attention, and therefore will need to invest in hostile vehicle mitigation. Military sites are always well protected for obvious reasons and are well versed in the kinds of mitigation as described. The threat is always there from hostile sources and military bases will always be in need of the greatest amount of ground defence. Therefore, mitigation of enemy vehicles is essential on sites like these around the country.

Airports are also sensitive, maximum security areas where the use of hostile mitigation is likely required. The rise in the threat of terrorist activities has meant the further tightening of security at airports, in case of any spontaneous attack.

Power stations are also always on alert for hostile threats and will use maximum security techniques to repel an enemy strike. These will include vehicle mitigation and extremely strict access requirements.

Other sites that rely heavily on having maximum security in case of a breach are embassies in the city, party political conventions and world conference venues, such as a United Nations meeting where world leaders are gathered in close proximity.

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